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We teach men how to reclaim their positive masculinity.

Then this program is for you. 

What Type of Man Are You?

Are you willing to challenge yourself?

Are you willing to let go of being right? 

Are you willing to take on rejection?

Are you willing to be vulnerable with yourself,

women, and other men?

If you answered yes to 3 or more, 

you are most likely a nice guy.

Wondering, If You Are A Nice Guy?

Do you have a tendency to settle?

Do you not approach women you find attractive?

Do you feel frustrated with your sex life?

Do you apologize for what you want?

Do you give your power away?

Many of our men (Nice Guys) don't fully understand their masculinity. They are afraid of it, ashamed of it or don’t know what it is. 

Due to the rejection of their masculinity, many our men have embraced their femininity. This creates an imbalance in their lives. Resulting in many of our men experiencing a great of deal of frustration in getting what they want in love, sex and life. 

 We teach our men how to fully own their masculinity and unapologetically express it in their lives by understanding and making friends with it. 

The result is an integrated man who knows when to lead and when to listen. This is a man who understands the difference between power over versus power from within. This is a man who leads with his heart. 


Beginning to Reclaim
Your Healthy Masculinity.

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Game-Changer Session.

“I can honestly say that these last few months have been the most enlightening moments of my life.”


“Within few weeks in her program, I have noticed positive changes in my thinking, behavior and energy.”

“A mere one week after signing up for Elizabeth’s program I've already had a great date with a fascinating woman.”

T. K.

M. M.

You go after what you really want!

You approach women that you find attractive!

You get the sex you want!

You don’t apologize for what you want!

You have reclaimed your power!

You make your needs a priority!

You stop giving a fuck?

What Makes A BadAss?

Are You Ready To Start Getting What You Really Want?

 If you are not present with yourself or do not know yourself, it is difficult to connect with a woman. Our meditation practices will help you cultivate more presence in your life. 

How The Nice Guy To Badass Program Can Help You

Gain More Confidence

Vulnerability is the key to creating intimacy with women. A vulnerable man is a confident man who knows how to polarize women in a mindful and respectful way.

Confidence is the number one attribute women find most attractive in men. Learn how to build inner confidence through interactive exercises with our team of expert coaches. 

Develop Leadership Skills

The Power Of Vulnerability

Step into your masculine power by developing your leadership skills. Leadership is about being direct and expressing yourself apologetically as well as creating healthy boundaries. 

Learn To Be Present

“...perhaps the most effective [coaches] I have ever known [at] empowering men to step fully into their unapologetic masculinity.”



“...The new results I have from women are nothing short of amazing!!!”


“Would highly recommend! Elizabeth creates an environment for men to grow in self improvement and to learn how to really connect with women”

Leaders Don't Get Stuck in The Friend-zone!

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